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Yi nationality youths vie for prize in beauty contest
Publication time:2010-08-09  | Author:Zhang Qian

After more four tense hours of semi-finals, 65 out of more than 100 the Yi nationality youths from Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou entered the final competition for the Suoma Prize, a beauty contest for members of China’s Yi nationality. 

The contest attracted Yi youths from 12 autonomous prefectures and counties, including Chuxiong, Honghe, Shilin, Weishan, Ninglang of Yunnan Province, Weining of Guizhou and Jiulong, Shimian, Liangshan autonomous prefectures of Sichuan Province to compete for the ”Suoma Prize” and the “China TV Golden Eagle Prize.“ 

The most charming woman and man selected through the 3J competition system of preliminary rounds, semi-finals and finals will be awarded the “Suoma Prize” and “China TV Golden Eagle Prize,” respectively. 

By Zhang Qian , People's Daily Online

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