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Yi people construct their homeland with high and vigorous spirit. It not only has made the economy and culture of their homeland greatly developed, but also has made the Yi people's regions change everyday. After the People's Republic of China was established, Chinese Communist Party and People's Government carried out the policy of Minority Autonomous in minority regions. They successively established three autonomous prefectures, 19 autonomous countries and 260 Minority Towns in 60 countries of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces in Yi inhabited areas or in the areas inhabited with other ethnic groups. Since tens of years, lots of irrigation works2mD彝族人网(彝人网)- 彝族文化网络博物馆

have been established in Yi inhabited areas. Undoubtedly, this action has made a profound progress in agriculture and farming in those regions. Some trunk lines' opening to traffic, such as the Cheng-Kun Railway and Nan-Kun Railway etc., have entirely changed the history of traffic in Yi inhabited areas. Accordingly, the business, foreign trade and tourist trade have had a flourishing development, and a great change has taken place in fields of finance, culture, education medical, and sanitation. A set of labor-mine enterprises and steel bases have been grown up successively in Yi regions. And also a set of snappy young scholars of Yi and lots of artists, such as litterateurs, show-folks and singers, have fully shown their talents in stage at home or outside. The Yi Study has become a special subject that pay more attention to the reality study in history and culture of Yi. The study of Yi has gone abroad. More and more people both domestic and overseas pay more attention to the study in a good many of domains of Yi, such as politics, economy, history, culture and art etc..2mD彝族人网(彝人网)- 彝族文化网络博物馆

At the same time, ten thousands of cadres of Yi have rapidly grown up and made progress; hundreds of Yi students have received the higher education; the number of Yi students ,which have gained the doctorial degree and master degree, has increased greatly. The living standard and qualities of Yi people have been greatly improved. The status of Yi has experience a tremendous change! 2mD彝族人网(彝人网)- 彝族文化网络博物馆

Circumstances of Yi in Autonomous Regions of China2mD彝族人网(彝人网)- 彝族文化网络博物馆

Yi autonomous regionCapital towns or citiesEstablishing TimeArea(square km.)Provinces
Liangshan Yi Autonomous prefectureCity of Xichang1st October,195260,111Sichuan
Chuxiong Yi Autonomous PrefectureCity of Chuxiong15th April,195829,256Yunnan
Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous PrefectureCity of Gejiu18th November,195732,929Yunnan
Weining Yi and Hui Autonomous CountyTown of Caohai11th November,19546,297Guizhou
Ebian Yi Autonomous CountyTown of Shaping5th October,19842,395Sichuan
Mabian Yi Autonomous CountyTown of Minjian9th October,19842,384Sichuan
Jiangcheng Yi Autonomous CountyTown of Menglie18th May,19543,476Yunnan
Ninglang Yi Autonomous CountyTown of Daxing20th September, 19566,206Yunnan
WeishanYi Autonomous CountyTown of Wenhua9th November,19562,266Yunnan
Shilin Yi Autonomous CountyTown of Lufu31st December,19561,777Yunnan
Nanjian Yi Autonomous CountyTown of Nanjian27th November ,19651,803Yunnan
Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous CountyTown of Rende20th December,19793,966Yunnan
Yuanjiang Hani,Yi and Dai Autonomous CountyTown of Lijiang22nd November,19802,858Yunnan
The Xinping Autonomous country of Yi and DaiTown of Guishan25th November,19804,223Yunnan
Yangbi Autonomous country of Yi and MiaoTown of Shangjie1st November,19851,957Yunnan
Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous CountyTown of Pingshan25th November,19854,378Yunnan
Puer Hani and Yi Autonomous CountyTown of Ning'er15th December,19853,670Yunnan
Jingdong Yi Autonomous CountyTown of Jinping20th December,19854,532Yunnan
Jinggu Dai and Yi Autonomous CountyTown of Weiyuan20th December,19857,777Yunnan
Zhenyuan Yi,Hani and Lahu Autonomous CountyTown of Enle15th May,19904,223Yunnan
Eshan Yi Autonomous CountyTown of Shuangjiang12th May,19511,972Yunnan
Longlin Minorities Autonomous CountyTown of Xinzhou1st January,19533,542Guangxi

2mD彝族人网(彝人网)- 彝族文化网络博物馆

Article by Pu Zhongliang Translator:Shi Defu & Li Jie 
2mD彝族人网(彝人网)- 彝族文化网络博物馆